Can I use My-Cool-SMS via API?

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Can I use My-Cool-SMS via API?

Yes. My-Cool-SMS integrates with any e-commerce system, database and web application via JSON or HTTP API. You can use the API to send and receive international SMS text messages, receive delivery reports and build and maintain your mobile marketing databases. You need an EXECUTIVE account to use the API.
My-Cool-SMS is considerably less expensive than your mobile network provider, especially when sending abroad.

Connects to your system via API

Provides programming tools to send and receive SMS text messages and maintain your mobile marketing databases. Integrates with any web application and and e-commerce system.

Cuts your cost considerably

Guarantees the best mix of inexpensive SMS and high quality SMS routing while maintaining transparent pay as you go cost control.

Breaks it down for you

Provides easy to understand, meaningful and relevant analytics. Presents real-time campaign and messaging statistics as well as delivery reports.
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