What is GSM?

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What is GSM?

GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communications and is a standard to define means of mobile communication such as phone calls and SMS text messaging.
SMS texts can be encoded using several alphabets. The most common 7-bit alphabet is often referred to as GSM alphabet and contains all latin characters, digits and several special characters. An SMS sent using the GSM alphabet can contain up to 160 characters.
My-Cool-SMS fully supports GSM messages and can send long texts up to 765 characters.

Knows Unicode and long SMS

Sends SMS messages in any language in the world. Combines long messages into one single SMS with up to 765 characters (or 335 for Unicode).

Receives SMS texts

Implements Sender ID and receives SMS on your own My-Cool-SMS virtual number. Forwards inbound SMS to mobiles, email and web servers.

Works with popular apps

Puts SMS in the palm of your hand! Integrates seamlessly with popular iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android SMS apps powered by Jelly SMS!
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