Application Programming Interface (SMS API)

In a Nutshell

The My-Cool-SMS API (Application Programming Interface) provides programming tools to send and receive SMS text messages, manage your mailing lists and fetch delivery reports. The My-Cool-SMS gateway integrates with any web application, customer database, e-commerce system or mobile device with internet access.
SMS Gateway API
The API is platform independent and you can connect to it from the device of your choice and your favorite programming language. My-Cool-SMS is already being used in many iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android apps and numerous web applications (PHP, Java, JSP, C etc). If you require swift and automated online SMS text messaging with a seamless integration you've come to the right place!
These brands already use My-Cool-SMS Executive Suite (or the API).

Key Facts and Benefits

While most people are simply interested in a reliable way to send automated SMS text messages from their applications, My-Cool-SMS doesn't stop there. If you want, the API will also push inbound SMS to your server, provide delivery reports and manage your mailing lists. It even has some utilities that will help you to tackle advanced things.

Sends SMS Text Messages

Enables your application to send SMS text messages with literally two lines of code. Don't worry about advanced features like Unicode or long SMS as the API keeps it simple and My-Cool-SMS takes care of all the complicated stuff in the background.

Pushes Inbound SMS

Forwards inbound SMS from your dedicated virtual number in real-time to your web server. Compatible with Apple Push Notifications and its counterparts on Android and Blackberry.

Provides Delivery Reports

Pushes delivery reports for mailings and individual SMS to your web server and offers an HTTP endpoint to fetch delivery reports at a time of your choice.

Manages your Mailing Lists

Sends messages to your mailings lists and offers tools to automatically add, update and delete subscribers (i.e. when they register or unregister on your website).

How to Get Started?

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