My-Cool-SMS Executive Suite

Builds and manages SMS marketing databases. Delivers international SMS texts via web and API.

Boost your business with the power of SMS marketing and communication

Use My-Cool-SMS Executive Suite to simplify, speed up and combine your daily SMS text messaging communication. Build and manage SMS mailing lists and integrate SMS text messaging into your marketing campaigns. Benefit from our precisely tuned bulk SMS gateway and swiftly deliver SMS messages via My-Cool-SMS Executive Suite web interface or the API.

My-Cool-SMS Executive Suite does everything that My-Cool-SMS Mobile Suite does as well as...

Builds mobile marketing databases

Builds, stores and maintains your subscriber lists. Seamlessly integrates with your web application, customer database or e-commerce system via API.

Schedules your campaigns

Syncs precisely with your marketing campaigns and helps you plan and finely tune your SMS text messaging schedule months in advance.

Cuts your cost considerably

Guarantees the best mix of inexpensive SMS and high quality SMS routing while maintaining transparent pay as you go cost control.

Implements inbound SMS

Stores and analyzes interactive inbound SMS content (i.e. replies). Forwards message body and sender ID to your system via HTTP API callback.

Connects to your system via API

Provides programming tools to send and receive SMS text messages and maintain your mobile marketing databases. Integrates with any web application and and e-commerce system.

Breaks it down for you

Provides easy to understand, meaningful and relevant analytics. Presents real-time campaign and messaging statistics as well as delivery reports.

Supports copy & paste import

Transfers your existing subscriber data conveniently via copy & paste from Excel, web interface as well as CSV and text file uploads.

Sanitizes your mailing lists

Keeps your lists clean by sanitizing hard bounces, such as disconnected or invalid numbers. Ensures you do not spend more money than you need to.

Knows your audience by name

Associates a first name, last name, company name and a title with every subscriber. Addresses your subscribers personally by name in your campaigns.
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