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Country Price per SMS Virtual Number Sender ID Dynamic Numeric Sender ID Dynamic Text Sender ID Unicode Long SMS
Cambodia (+855) 0.089 EUR
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Cambodia · Mobile Networks Mobile Country Code MCC Cambodia Mobile Network Code MNC Cambodia
Network Operator Brand MCC MNC Frequency Status Reachable
CamGSM Mobitel 456 001 GSM 900 / UMTS 2100 Active
Telekom Malaysia International (Cambodia) Co. Ltd hello 456 002 GSM 900 Active
Cambodia Advance Communications Co. Ltd qb 456 004 GSM 1800 / UMTS 2100 Active
APPLIFONE CO. LTD. Star-Cell 456 005 GSM 1800 Active
Latelz Co., Ltd Smart Mobile 456 006 GSM 1800 Active
Camshin / Shinawatra Mfone 456 018 GSM 1800 Active
Sotelco Ltd. Beeline 456 009 GSM 900 / GSM 1800 Active
Viettel Metfone 456 008 GSM 900 / GSM 1800 Active

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